June 26, 2019

Harry Clarke Project (The Jeweler’s Kiss)

The Jeweler’s Kiss - Harry ClarkeThe Jeweler’s Kiss - Harry Clarke

The Jeweler’s Kiss - Level 3; Touch; Permanent

The curse begins, as most things do, with the heart. Over the course of a day, the victim’s heart will turn to that stone which is best attuned to the caster’s personality - diamond for stoic, gold for the greedy, alexandrite for the clever, etc… The stone heart will continue to beat blood through the victim’s veins, but all feelings of love and longing will fade away.

The disease will move through their organs over a series of weeks — killing their appetite as their stomach ossifies and their anger as the bile of their liver hardens into shards of crystal. Then the curse moves into their nervous system, renders their spinal column into stone, makes their movements sluggish and unsure - as though they were half-asleep. As their brain ossifies, they lose all their memories and any sense of self.

Over the next month, the curse seeps into the bones, blood, flesh, and skin, turning the victim into a priceless statue. Many collectors will pay quite a lot of coin for such statues, since no sculptor could so closely mimic life.

A powerful enough magic-user could likely break the curse. But, for those without the magic to break the spell, the only cure is to find the caster, cut out her heart, and swap it for the stone heart of their victim.

This spell was made for the Harry Clarke project and it’s licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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