June 25, 2019

Introductions (and 1d6 strangers on a train)

Who am I?

I’m a student, gamer, and writer. I spend a significant portion of my free time wandering around fantasy worlds in my head, so I figured I should put them to paper. Lloyd Alexander is my favorite fantasy author, though he’s not very active these days (death ruined his productivity). As for contemporary writers, I’m a fan of Helene Wecker, Susanna Clarke, and Josiah Bancroft. I play RPGs regularly, and lurk on the edges of a few OSR and SWORD DREAM discords. I spend much of my free time trying and failing to write, mostly in my own fantasy setting, which leads me to…

What is The Seventh Empire?

The Seventh Empire is both what I call my setting as a whole, and the name of a particular polity within that setting. I’m going to discuss the Seventh Empire as it exists within the setting in a later blog post, I hope.

The setting itself is reaction against some of the genre conventions of standard RPGs. Technology has progressed far beyond the medieval era. Rail and telegraph lines stretch across the landscape. Hedge witches, clerics, and wandering spearmen drink coffee alongside union organizers, civil engineers, and crusading journalists. Feudalism is unheard of in this setting. Instead, the continent is divided between feuding imperial functionaries, religious fanatics, and slaver republics - though undercurrents of abolition and anarchism threaten to bring the whole corrupt structure down

It is a contradictory setting, with where capitalists hire brave men and women to clear coal mines of dragons in exchange for company shares, where archmagi summon demons to spy on their corporate rivals, where adventurers carry spears and six-shooters in equal measure.

What is this Blog?

I intend for this blog to serve as a collection for my writing - from world-building, to reviews of books and RPGs, to GM advice and AP reports, to fiction. I have diverse interests, and so there will be a lot of different kinds of posts, but I hope to include game-able content in all of them. The Seventh Empire is the main setting that I base my fiction and campaigns in, so it’ll be featured most prominently on this blog. I’ll try to have just as much content regarding other settings and topics.

Well, Where’s the content I can use for my games?

If you insist:

Night on the El Train - by Edward Hopper, 1918Night on the El Train - by Edward Hopper, 1918

Id6 Shady Travelers on the Train to the Imperial Capitol

  1. A pale-faced, shivering young man huddles against the window and stares blankly at the passing countryside. His forehead is hot and his breath comes quick and shallow. He needs a surgeon to excise the curse-stone that burns under his skin.
  2. A bounty hunter, cloaked in wool and cold arrogance, cleans her father’s favorite sword. She’s come to the capitol to kill two men. The deserter deserves it. The abolitionist doesn’t, but the job pays damn well.
  3. A short man in a threadbare suit carries a portrait of a distinguished older woman wrapped in red cloth. The craftsmanship is shoddy, but the paint was mixed with enough blood and spellwork to captivate any viewer.
  4. A graying government bureaucrat of little standing and less ability smokes a pipe and tries to ease the heavy weight of the love notes in his back pocket. His superior would kill him if they were found, but he can’t bring himself to burn his last connection to her son.
  5. An ancient woman slowly pages through a book of magical theory, marking off errors in theory and in syntax as she goes. The cat in the carrier beside her meows angrily at whoever will listen, begging them to turn him human again.
  6. A thin man with a wide hat prays alone. He has two shots of whiskey in his gut, and six shots of lead in his gun. His wallet is empty, his children are hungry, and there’s a lot of well-dressed people on this train.

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