August 8, 2019

The Overpowering Influence of Delight (a Troika! supplement)

Age of Wisdom by Alphonse MuchaAge of Wisdom by Alphonse Mucha I’d forgotten about the #SwordDream Jam on itch until its last day, unfortunately. So, I hopped onto to and looked around for inspiration. Luckily, Alphonse Mucha came through for me in the end. I decided to write up some Troika! backgrounds based on a few of his most evocative paintings. All six backgrounds are witches, but I think they’re distinct enough to make any of them interesting to a prospective player. Here’s the link to my game: The Overpowering Influence of Delight

And here’s a sample background from it.

Dance by Alphonse MuchaDance by Alphonse Mucha

3 The Whirling Witch

Life is a song, and though you can’t choose the melody, you can write the lyrics. So you sing a jolly aria over a mournful tune. You sing like your voice is fading because it is. You dance like you’re going to die because you will. You fly like you were born with wings, because you wish you were. When trouble comes, when darkness falls and the words to your song stick to the dry walls of your throat, then you can just fly away somewhere else, can’t you? It’s what you’ve always done before.


Nothing but the Clothes on your Back and the Music in your Heart

Advanced Skills

  • 3 Dancing
  • 3 Flying
  • 3 Singing
  • 1 Spell - Levitate Other (lasts for 3 hours)
  • 1 Spell - Tornado (as hurricane)

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